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I made this guy at the same time that my before-mentioned friend who build the MOC in the previous post made his.
Sorry. That sentence is a wreck.
Anyway, meet Makuta Nerinæ. He’s a good (well, semi-good, sort of like Krikka but a little more so) Makuta.
While being typically aligned with the side that is doing (seeming to him) relatively good things (he is against the ploy to take over the GSR), he is a brutal fighter who has multiple hidden techniques and such.
Basically, he’s “good” in some ways, and “evil” in others.
Originally, obviously, he was “neutral”, being in the Brotherhood of Makuta, but had his doubts about the revolt. When he saw first-hand a Makuta kill a Toa, he turned, though still remains a partial member of the Brotherhood, due to somewhat mysterious links he has with higher-ups in the organization.




This is a MOC that a friend (he’s the guy who built one of those Demorahks a few years back) made (I finalize-edited it, since he didn’t have time), which is the Grim Reaper:



It’s, frankly, an amazing MOC, and I have absolutely loved playing with it.
There’s more to come, by the way.

$5.00 Bionicle Bag

I was lucky enough to pick this up for five dollars at a nearby thrift store yesterday:

It also had one of Turaga Matau’s buzzsaw-staff things in it, but I already put that on him, since mine didn’t have one.
There are some sets in here that are very partial, which leads me to think there may be more bags forthcoming…


At a rummage sale a little while back, I found this guy:

Unsure whether it worked or not, I paid 2.50.
Well, it works. And it’s awesome.
One of the remotes is for the red spybot, though, so I wonder somewhat if that one had been there too, but I either missed it or someone got it before I had a chance to.
Either way, it still worked out good for me.

Leaked Stuff

Alrighty. I’m writing this based on what I’ve seen and read from many sources.

And I’m not saying at all that this is certain. So just take it as you will.


From what I gather, it started with someone named Des Desworth (which is an awesome name if it’s real), and a group called Piece Out, that apparently lives on Facebook and Youtube and stuff. Apparently this fellow (who, I think, works for LEGO) has leaked stuff before, and had it turn out quite correct.

Sometime on July 1st or 2nd, there were two photos leaked. This, from what I’ve heard, was released first. “Eh” is pretty much my feeling on this one. It might be legit, it might not. It’s rather hard to tell. A few of the images look like previously-released Bionicle sets. I’m not sure on it.

This is the second one, and it holds a lot more potential, in my opinion. A lot of people have said that the sets look like ones already released. The only one that I see that possibly looks like it could would be the one on the top shelf, right side, which, as I write this, I realize looks almost identical to the middle-right set on the first photo. (Adds a bit more plausibility to both, I think.) Anyway, this somewhat looks like Hordika Matau in this poster from 2005. Doesn’t look enough like it to convince me, though. Also, there is a SIX legged spider thing which people have argued could be a Visorak prototype. Visorak have four legs. Not six. Plus, the body shape is very different, so I doubt it.

Based on these two, people have said it might be a prototype display case from 2005. But just look at the banner thing above it. Toa-design is completely different, there wasn’t really (well, there was a supposed plot idea with the Mask of Light, but that didn’t happen) any mask-related stuff in the Hordika line, and… Just… It doesn’t really fit with it. The font on the side, that says “BIONICLE” is one that I don’t think we’ve seen before, as well.

Also. You can see a thumb, at the bottom, holding the paper or whatever it’s on. Next to it, you see “Wobbler (2 in a set). Order seperately [sic, should be separately].) A wobbler is one of those floppily-attached tag things that you see in stores. Interesting.

Some people say they think they see Hero Factory-era pieces in some sets. I don’t see any (mostly because the image quality is poor, but also that I wouldn’t really know what Hero Factory pieces look like).


But there’s another thing. As soon as this stuff came up on BZP, Black Six got really up-tight about stuff, then, a bit later, so did Makaru. Now, it is well known that BZP has ties with LEGO. (Not saying this is bad, but it can cause some liability things.) It could be that Black Six got news to close stuff up about it, so he did. I don’t blame him. But this adds another layer of possible intrigue with it all.

Okay. I’ll post more in-depth tomorrow (or possibly the day after), but some fairly reputable sources have given some possible leaks, with the info that the mysteriously alluded to “2015 constraction theme” will actually be a rebooted Bionicle.
Now this isn’t for certain, either way.
But yeah, I’ll write more in a bit, when I have more time.
For now, party hesitantly.

I made this guy shortly after I went to BFNE. I quite like his design, and hope to use it again sometime in the future.

I was kinda envisioning the Pridak foot as a sort of hood or something. I dunno.


He’s a Ko-Matoran, by the way.

Prototype Ship

This is just the base part of a ship I was working on a little while ago. I probably won’t do anything more with it, but I think it’s cool nonetheless.



LEGO Clock

For a while, I was working on building a LEGO mechanical clock. Here are some of the results of that work:


The first one was the best working model. All it really needed was a longer and heavier pendulum, and a steady flow of force, provided by a weight or something. The escapement was inspired by that of another LEGO clock maker guy online.
The second one was my first try at it. It works surprisingly well, though it had to be at a slight angle for the pendulum to work correctly. The escapement on this was more like an actual escapement, but, as anyone who has tried making a LEGO clock before can tell you, it’s darn hard to make a ‘real’ escapement out of LEGO.

Simple Engine

Last Brickfair (2013), I got one of those piston-holder piece things for engines. Using it, I made a simple V1 engine.


It works pretty well, which actually somewhat surprised me.


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