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50c Bionicles

I went to my nearby thrift store the other day and found a Stars Gresh and a rather mutated Vorox.


But hey, when they’re 50 cents each, I don’t really care.

So, I have been working on these miniature Bionicles made out of LEGOs.
I put them up on BZPower, and you can check them out here:
The reason that I didn’t separately put them up here is that I’m lazy.

Some Connections

I already posted about this on the blog I’m about to tell you about, even though what I’m really trying to do is to get you (the readers of this blog) to go to that one.

That being said:

In my many-month absence from this site, I wasn’t just going around on BZPower and playing occasionally with LEGOs. Most of the time, I’ve actually been writing.

Not Bionicle fanfiction or anything (well, that’s not entirely true. I have actually been writing some stuff on BZPower occasionally, but I’ll get to that in a later post). I’ve been writing my own stuff, most of which is fantasy or science fiction.

Now, as I write this, I seem to remember posting once on here about a mini project that a friend and I were working on. My part in that was actually writing my first story (which I now consider to be an utter abomination).

But I guess that’s enough talk. You can go to my site here. I posted similarly on that site, to bring visitors from that one over here. But this site is quite a bit more popular than that one, and I would like to bring visitors from this site to that one. So check it out! It’s pretty cool.

And this blog isn’t like some of the others I have linked to in the past here. This is a steadily-updated blog that I put my writing on pretty much as soon as I finish writing it. It may be noted, though, that I am hoping to update more of my blogs more regularly (namely, this one, the Death Swamp wiki blog (see below), Kopeke’s Thoughts, and Mathemagical Contemplations (also see below)).

So give a “like” or two, look around, follow the blog, and read some of my stuff!

One other note: Arthur Walterson is just one of my [many] pseudonyms, others of which are Nathaniel Bortswith, Edward Bortswith, John Wilson, Clym o’ the Clough, in addition to many more.

(Also, I have a Death Swamp (more info is on my writing blog here) blog wiki that you can find here. This is mostly just a reference site for people who follow The Theorems and the Death Swamp History on my writing blog. I also have a math-centered blog, with a lot of theoretical stuff on it here.)

Laser Cannon

The other day I was LEGO-ing (the LEGO version of doodling), and made this. I think it is pretty cool, and I am thinking of making more versions of it.



Yeah, I left again. But I haven’t stopped with Lego and Bionicle, just mostly been on BZPower. I’m going to try to do stuff on here more, though.

To start things off, I thought I’d tell you that I got a bunch of bionicle books recently, from a  thrift store and eBay.

Only eight more before I have a complete collection!

Here is my new re-write of the Bionicle re-start:

It is important to read the footnotes as you go!



In the time before time, before any islands were raised in Mata Nui’s dormant body, before any planets were in the universe, before Toa and Turaga alike, there were the Great Beings.  They had always been there, and always would be there.  And they looked upon some of their newest creations, the Staff1 of Division2, the Staff of Energy, and the Staff of Weather3.  Seprately these staves wielded great power, but when brought together by the Toa wearing the Kanohi Elras, the mask of energy, it would bring such power as had never been seen before.  An (at the time) unforseen problem was the fact that any being could use the staff4 once it was bound.  This was a disastrous mistake, though, not entirely a mistake.  Even in this pre-history evil lurked.  During the forging of the spears it, though not having a physical body, bent it just slightly to its will, just enough for it to create this weakness.  But having done this, its energy was sapped, and could do no more for many millennia.  But it would return.


But tens of thousands of years have passed since then. Mata Nui killed the Makuta, or so he thought. But there was peace. After slaying Teridax (or so he thought he did). After slaying Teridax and undoing the shattering, all the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran celebrated Mata Nui5 for many months. But after that, not much was seen or heard of him6. Before he left, he gave them the Mask of Life to put in the newly constructed Great Temple on Spherus Magna. When Aqua Magna fell back into Sphereus Magna, it crushed the Great Spirit Robot underneath it. Mata Nui assumed that Makuta was dead. The shell was full of energy, and the pressure exerted by the planets kept him alive, alive enough that he could wait until someone would come save him. And someone would. The Dark Hunters had heard of what had happened, and, knowing what a powerful ally Teridax could be, wanted him on theirs side. The Toa incarcerated all of the Dark Hunters. All the Dark Hunters they could find, that is. They didn’t know of another exit from the body. The Dark Hunters rummaged around the planet, searching for items they needed. One of the items was the Mask of Life. They stole it from the Great Temple and brought it back inside the Great Spirit Robot. Using it, they powered up the robot enough to fix itself and fly to a nearby planet before crashing into the ocean there. The force exerted on the planet because of the Robot breaking out caused it to explode, re-doing the Shattering. Teridax put his spirit into a small cube called the Yukax before rigging the Robot to morph itself into a smaller size. The Shadowed One carried the Yukax out of the Robot before it convulsed upon itself, making a rather ramshamble-looking empty body for Teridax. They patched it up with some of the materials they collected from Spherus Magna. Using the Yukax and the Ignika, Makuta went into the body. He was alive again, and a side effect of the process was that the Mask of Life was now tainted by the evil it helped bring about.  Which also meant that Mata Nui was now corrupted as well.  The Toa weren’t aware of this, but there was an overall feeling of unrest.  The Toa tried to soothe this, and they did.  They assured the Matoran that nothing was wrong, that Mata Nui must have just found something to do on another planet.  They couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Makuta had regained most of his former energy, but kept hidden on the planet. He double-crossed the Dark Hunters and imprisoned the Shadowed One. Things kept going on Spherus Magna, but all was not well. Makuta had again spread dis-ease, this time stronger.  The Toa couldn’t stop it, and several matron went insane, causing destruction and dischord.  The Toa hadn’t seen Mata Nui for a long time, and were concerned that something had, indeed happened to him.  At this time, as it had been in Makuta’s plan to happen, the Toa sent out a signal summoning a seven Toa team.  One of the Toa wore the Kanohi Elras.  He was the only one of the seven to make it at the time.  He searched all over the planets for the spears, and, having found them, bound them into the Great Spear.  But not sooner had he done that that Makuta captured him and stole the Great Spear11 from him.  And so begun the Days of Darkness.  When, after a month, Mata Nui returned, the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran were horrified to see him team up with Makuta, becoming his 2nd in command.  After a year of the Days of Darkness, the other six Toa arrived.  They freed the seventh Toa, and, in doing so, accidentally freed the Shadowed One as well.  He rallied most of the Dark Hunters to him again, and the Toa went together to fight the Makuta and cleanse the Mask of Life and free Mata Nui…



1.  Duh!  Spear and Spears, not Staff and Staves.

2.  Yes, the same one Vezon had.

3.  Whether or not, I ask myself.  Perhaps it should be light?  Or sound?  No, it should be knowledge.

4.  But there should be a staff.

5.  After killing Makuta, he laid down in that protodermis again, and went exploring around on the planets and islands in spirit or Toa-sized form.

6.  Oh yeah, he also gave them the Ignika, which they put in the Great Temple.

7.  BTW!  I didn’t say it, but the Toa Mata (or rather, Nuva) were now Turaga when this happened.

8.  Lol narrated by Turaga Tahu, not Vakama.

9.  This section would actually be very long, providing several sets (of the Dark Hunters and the Toa guarding the Ignika), several comics, etc.  I just didn’t feel like writing an in depth story about it.

10. So we can use the Bionicle Symbol again!

11. There really should be a staff.  Really.



Behold, Bdorax, Toa of Pneumatics! I build him for Brickfair as well, but….yeah, he didn’t really get there.

He is definitely my best Bionicle MOC yet. He is rather (very) complicated, and took an entire afternoon to build.



My friend and I made this ship, originally for Brickfair NE. But then we found out that the public can’t just bring in LEGO MOCs. Oh well.

Here are some pictures, sorry that the interior shot isn’t very good.


It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dragon Ball Z reference, if you didn’t know.)

But yes, I have over 9000 views on this blog! Hurrah!

So, sorry for not posting in a while.


I know, I know. I do it a lot. But oh well.


Anyway, I have been wanting to go to Brickfair for some time now, and on May 11, 2013, I will! I am going to Brickfair New England!


So, if any of you want to talk to me, I will be there!

And I will be posting a TON of LEGO/Bionicle things on here soon. I hope. I have already taken the pictures and all, just have to get around to doing it.


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