For those interested in music other than Bionicle (I know, I know, “Kopeke, how could you suggest such a thing!”) there is some great music on the Rock Raiders disk, if you own it and put it in, then you will see 2 disk icons, 1 for the game, and another for the music.  It is pretty awesome (and not too much different from Bionicle music).  If you like the Indiana Jones soundtracks but don’t want to pay 50 or so dollars, then you can find the music on LEGO Indy (1+2) in the Audio/_Music file.  It is in .ogg format so you may want to download VLC Media Player so you can listen to them.  To convert them into .mp3 files, then I use Switch Media Converter (It has a demo).

Sorry if you didn’t understand this post much.  Just ask someone who would know.