Recently I created this LEGO Board Game.  (Oh, and, again, sorry for not posting in like, a really long time.)

I even created official rules for it!  Here they are:

Choose a player and a Stats board.
The point of the game is to get the cup first. Whoever is second is chosen by who has the most money.

Roll die and move the correct amount of spaces. Turning does not count as a move.
Stats board:
Red cones are health. Yellow cones are 1 gold, blue are 2 gold. Orange is magic (see Magic). You can collect more of the different cones by walking over them. You can also pick up different weapons (see weapons).
Enemies / fighting:
The first enemies have 4 health, the second have 5, and the king has 8. To fight, you get in front of an ememy and take a die in each hand. The die in your right hand is your attack level and the die in your left is the enemy’s attack level. Whoever loses the roll loses 1 health. The battle is played to the death.
Magic cones can be used to immediately take away 1 enemy health each.
Weapons/other pickups;
Most weapons are just for show, but the crossbow lets you attack an enemy from further away, the magic wand gives you 2 extra magic cones, the shield allows you to win a tie during a battle, and an apple gives you 2 health.

And here is a picture of a stats board (or rather, several stats boards):