The friends that originally introduced me to Bionicle (!) came to the area I live this summer and we created this Bionicle game.  Here are the rules, but view them more as guidelines (PoTC reference!).

Each Player gets 1 Titan, 2 Toa-sized Bionicles, and 2 smaller Bionicles (Bohrok count here!)

Play goes clockwise.

Titans: 7 Energy, 5 Defense

Toa:      5 Energy, 5 Defense

Small:  3 Energy


1 step equals 1 energy.

Defense:  Extra Defense is 1 energy.  E.G. 1 energy + 5 defense = 6 defense.

Mask powers can be summoned, and they use 4 energy.

Elemental Powers use 3 energy.

Characters with the ability to fly can fly by using 3 energy.  They can go as far as they like and can stay aloft while during other people’s turns.

You can use your energy on as many things as it allows.  E.G. 1 elemental attack (3 power/energy) and 2 regular attacks (2 power/energy).  For mask powers, use what is most fitting (E.G. Pakari gives you 6 extra energy (2 net), Olmak takes player attacked out of game for 3 rounds, etc.)


However much energy is used in an attack takes away that much defense of the player being attacked.


Play is different for 2 player games.  Matches are played best 2 out of 3, and strength of attack is determined by the roll of a die.  Hurting a player ends up taking a piece off him and lowering energy to 3.  Each player is allowed 3 free steps.


As I said, guidelines.  One battle against one of my friends is shown here:

It was only me and him.  I had a Toa and a Bohrok, but he only had a Toa.  I summoned the Olmak, sent him out to another dimension, round 1, I fired an attack where he had been.  Round two, my bohrok does, round 3, my Toa again.  In a split second I bring him back to this dimension and all 3 attacks hit him.

Yes, I was trying to end the game quickly, but you see what I mean.