I already posted about this on the blog I’m about to tell you about, even though what I’m really trying to do is to get you (the readers of this blog) to go to that one.

That being said:

In my many-month absence from this site, I wasn’t just going around on BZPower and playing occasionally with LEGOs. Most of the time, I’ve actually been writing.

Not Bionicle fanfiction or anything (well, that’s not entirely true. I have actually been writing some stuff on BZPower occasionally, but I’ll get to that in a later post). I’ve been writing my own stuff, most of which is fantasy or science fiction.

Now, as I write this, I seem to remember posting once on here about a mini project that a friend and I were working on. My part in that was actually writing my first story (which I now consider to be an utter abomination).

But I guess that’s enough talk. You can go to my site here. I posted similarly on that site, to bring visitors from that one over here. But this site is quite a bit more popular than that one, and I would like to bring visitors from this site to that one. So check it out! It’s pretty cool.

And this blog isn’t like some of the others I have linked to in the past here. This is a steadily-updated blog that I put my writing on pretty much as soon as I finish writing it. It may be noted, though, that I am hoping to update more of my blogs more regularly (namely, this one, the Death Swamp wiki blog (see below), Kopeke’s Thoughts, and Mathemagical Contemplations (also see below)).

So give a “like” or two, look around, follow the blog, and read some of my stuff!

One other note: Arthur Walterson is just one of my [many] pseudonyms, others of which are Nathaniel Bortswith, Edward Bortswith, John Wilson, Clym o’ the Clough, in addition to many more.

(Also, I have a Death Swamp (more info is on my writing blog here) blog wiki that you can find here. This is mostly just a reference site for people who follow The Theorems and the Death Swamp History on my writing blog. I also have a math-centered blog, with a lot of theoretical stuff on it here.)