It has been a few weeks (or months?) since I last talked about the possibility of Bionicle returning in 2015, and wow has a lot happened since then. A lot of it has been in the form of very small things, but it’s seeming, more and more, to be more than a coincidence.

I’m just going to start off with the most intriguing part of it all (at least to me). This new leaked image. (Upload thanks to Mesonak from TTV.)

It quite clearly has the same figures and heading as one of the previously leaked photos, but that, one, it is in colour this time, and, two, that the display design is somewhat different, I think leads to its credibility.

There was also, on some Russian forum, or something, leaked set names, though the translation was rather… sketchy. It sounds like the Toa Mata/Nuva will be coming back, though.

To add to that, Chro is pretty much the only guy on BZP that I’ve had any real interaction with, at Brickfair, and interacting via IM and such, and he is absolutely convinced. It sounds like he knows the guy who leaked it, or something.

Additionally, it seems that there was a (quickly rectified) thing on that if you searched for Bionicle, it would bring you to a “coming soon” page. Personally, I didn’t see this, but it was quite the thing on BZP for a while, and I saw some screenshots.

There was also, on the ongoing “Ask Greg” thread on the LEGO Message Boards, something that Greg said that vaguely implied something about Bionicle’s future, but I’m not too sure about that.

Most recently, BZP has actually gotten some free tickets to the New York Comic-Con, and has been told by LEGO that they want people there to see the unveiling of a “Brand new theme”. Some people were discouraged by this, thinking that Bionicle wouldn’t be called a “brand new theme”, but others said that (which I agree with) if LEGO said “a rebooted theme” or something of the sort, it would be pretty obvious what it is.

I’m probably convinced at about 85%. 15% of me still says otherwise.