That’s right.

The return of Bionicle has been confirmed.

Well, not confirmed, exactly, but it has been proven.

Gatanui, from BZPower (and maker of BOGA, which I posted a lot about many years ago), discovered this image lurking around on LEGO’s servers:

Here’s actually the link, to the photo on’s server (just click the photo to go to it):

Anyway, it is the tile sort of thing that shows up on the product page.

There’s also another thing, for the animated tile, here:


Anyway, things are really in motion, now! I’m really looking forward to seeing the new story and sets.

Now, of course, the NYCC is coming soon (where, it seems, the announcement of Bionicle’s return is more likely to happen, now), but I’m wondering if LEGO is going to make an official statement soon, now that the secret is “out of the bag”, so to speak. I hope so.