I really should be getting back to “other things” that I really should be doing, but this, honestly, is much cooler.

Four days ago, LEGO posted on their Twitter and Google+ pages that they were announcing something “very exciting” in four days:

Then, two days later:

Needless to say, Bionicle fans were tense. And we were not disappointed, today.

Then, on LEGO Bionicle’s Facebook page (which, by the way, has been there since 7/10/14, so I’m not sure how we didn’t notice it), this was posted:

‘’It is told that there exists a mask that will grant its bearer unspeakable power. Made from raw magic and solid gold, it is an artifact crafted with absolute precision and timeless skill – it is known as the Mask of Creation’’Welcome to the World of LEGO® BIONICLE®

We are ready to take you on an epic quest to find the Masks of Power. It will be a journey you will never forget. Stay tuned #BIONICLE2015

A few days ago, also, they posted some Bionicle-related photos, so I’m even more confused about how we didn’t notice it earlier. Oh well.
But there’s more, although it is less official. Somehow (not sure where these came from), these much higher-quality images of sets have been leaked (found them on Tumblr). First, the Toa:
And then the “Protectors”:
And the “Skull Krata” (more on that one in a moment).
So, these are pretty obviously the leaked sets that we’ve already seen, albeit much higher quality. Presumably, the “Skull Krata” (probably meant to be Kraata?) is the bad guy, and, as we all know, Kraata are basically Makuta-spawn. So, could this mean that there will be Makuta involved?
Maybe. I hope so.
Also, I’m loving the purple on the “Protector of Earth”. Perhaps we will get more purple from here on?
What’s really befuddling me, though, is the Ignika in the corner. I mean, this is just preliminary stuff, but still… Very interesting, and worthy to be considered.
Anyway, this Winter should be pretty awesome.
(Edit: Sorry if the images are cut off slightly on here – you can right click them and click “View Image” or somesuch to see them better. I don’t know why that happened, or if it’s just for me.)