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I keep looking at the set photos. I really should stop.

But I can’t.

Look at the mini spider things in virtually all of the sets. Look at the shape of the body.

Now scroll down, and look at the mask that, presumably, comes with the Skull Krata. Same thing. (The legs clip onto the handle-things on the sides of the mask.)

Sort of reminds me of the 2001 saga of the infected masks.

Then look at the weapon things that come with each of the “Protectors”. It looks like 1×1 round studs go in them, and you can fire them, sort of like the guns in the new-ish Space sets. I haven’t actually managed to get my hands on one of those yet, but it looks quite similar. Whether this is a one-piece thing that shoots six, or if it is six of those previous style ones, I don’t know. But further from that – look at the “Protector of Fire”. His is shoulder-mounted, and it shows two of the studs being fired right after one another. It also has a axle sticking out of the back, with a bezel gear on it.

I think that might be a firing mechanism thing. You give that thing a twist, and it fires the studs.

I can’t wait.

Actually, if you look at the “Protector of Jungle” (not air, interesting, perhaps they have something to do with the Elemental Lords), he has a similar one, and it’s more obvious that it is one piece, instead of six.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on some of these.

Also, the relatively high piece-counts are alluring, and a nice change from the like 12-piece Matoran and Agori around the end of Bionicle.