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So, I was looking at the pictures of Tahu and Lewa, and realized something.

I had thought the Golden Masks in the pictures were just showing which mask they have. But then I realized something. They are golden.

Like the Golden Masks from the 2001-2 era, remember? And Tahu and Lewa (and all the other Toa, for that matter) are wearing the masks in the colour of their element.

Now, that second part might not mean much. I mean:

I’m not seeing any Golden Masks there.

But still, it’s interesting. It could mean that it is a reboot of the story, or it could mean something completely different.

(The friend whom I mention on here sometimes and I are hypothesizing that Artahka has somehow restarted the universe with the Mask of Creation, or something. Pure speculation, but it could work.)