Thanks to this site, I found the final set photos! Some things have obviously changed, as I’ll write about in a moment.

First, though, the photos (you can just look at them on the site, they also have background-less photos for each).

Oddly enough, we don’t have a picture of Onua, or of the “defenders”, but the site says that those should be coming along before too long.

Now, about changes:

You’ll notice that it is now the Mask of Creation in the corner, instead of the Ignika. I’m thinking they must have basically just copied over a previous set-banner that included the Ignika.

Also, it looks like the hand design has changed somewhat – more angular. I like it, I think.

Tahu’s Hau is different! More boxy. I’m not entirely sure I like it.

Now, even though the set picture on the “Skull something” set has “Lordof Skull Spiders” as its name, the site still listed it as Skull Krana. I’m not giving up on my idea, just yet.