Sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted, but there hasn’t been much (notable) Bionicle news, and I haven’t really built any MOCs or anything in a little while.

Anyway, LEGO has been updating the website every once in a while, mostly just minor updates, but we now have some small pages about the skull spiders and Protectors, and larger pages for the Toa, which now have small (30 second) videos introducing them. We also have small pages for the different Wahi of Okoto, as well as a cool zoom-able map that is fun to look around on.

But the most notable thing is that they recently added three more videos to the site, which tell about how the Toa were summoned (Time Temple!), the Toa arrived, and the Toa began fighting the skull spiders.

There are also several more Mask of Time “easter eggs”, which, combined with the official mention of the Time Temple, could continue pointing towards the time-travel thing.

Check them out! I’ll [try to] keep you posted on further updates on the site, and other things pertaining to Bionicle.