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Well, I am sad to say that it appears that Nuparu’s Boomboxor is currently down!  (I don’t know if this is just temporary, or what, though.  I am going to email the owner sometime soon and ask him.)

But I am proud to say that I gave him a LOT of traffic from this site, and if it wasn’t for The Bionicle Archives, then this Bionicle Wiki page may have never come about:’s_BoomBoxor



Finally!  I have found the LEGO Racers soundtrack.  I am actually currently listening to it.




Have fun!

Soooo, I was exploring BZPower some more, and found this:

It is from one of the admins at (one of the Bionicle media sites).

It has some music that, for some reason, isn’t on tronec.


I am working on something very big and exciting!  It will hopefully (I will TRY to get it ready) be up and running on/by Monday, January 23.

A few hints about what it will be:

It will tie together all of my blogs (,, and

will be based (mostly) on LEGO and Bionicle,

and will (probably) have most of the online Bionicle games streaming on it!


There will be much more on this new (can’t tell you what it is!), so keep coming to this blog for updates on the progress!



AND, VERY IMPORTANTLY, ALL OF MY BLOGS WILL STILL EXIST!  They will all be the same as they ever have been.


I hope this has gotten you excited for it!

I will give you some more hints every once-in-a-while, so check here for updates!


LEGO Music

For those interested in music other than Bionicle (I know, I know, “Kopeke, how could you suggest such a thing!”) there is some great music on the Rock Raiders disk, if you own it and put it in, then you will see 2 disk icons, 1 for the game, and another for the music.  It is pretty awesome (and not too much different from Bionicle music).  If you like the Indiana Jones soundtracks but don’t want to pay 50 or so dollars, then you can find the music on LEGO Indy (1+2) in the Audio/_Music file.  It is in .ogg format so you may want to download VLC Media Player so you can listen to them.  To convert them into .mp3 files, then I use Switch Media Converter (It has a demo).

Sorry if you didn’t understand this post much.  Just ask someone who would know.