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I am working on something very big and exciting!  It will hopefully (I will TRY to get it ready) be up and running on/by Monday, January 23.

A few hints about what it will be:

It will tie together all of my blogs (,, and

will be based (mostly) on LEGO and Bionicle,

and will (probably) have most of the online Bionicle games streaming on it!


There will be much more on this new (can’t tell you what it is!), so keep coming to this blog for updates on the progress!



AND, VERY IMPORTANTLY, ALL OF MY BLOGS WILL STILL EXIST!  They will all be the same as they ever have been.


I hope this has gotten you excited for it!

I will give you some more hints every once-in-a-while, so check here for updates!



I know I have already done a post on my Throwbots, but to be well-rounded-out on the Bionicle generations, I thought I would include them.




Here are pictures of my three Throwbots. They were also called Slizer. They came in the most awesome container, pictured here:

They threw discs which were the same as Kanoka discs, but weren’t called that.
Completely unrelated, but I was going to my city’s expensive toy shop when I found what I had always dreamed of, micro Legos! I bought a over-150-piece set, and it was this big:

And that’s a real 2×4 Lego next to it!