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I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted about this guy on here already; this is my attempt at making a CCBS-style McToran.

I would’ve liked to have used actual McToran feet, but I didn’t have a matching pair, so I had to make due.

He’s an engineer kind of guy, perhaps a friend of Nuparu. He’s armed with a screwdriver and a little chisel thing.



I made this guy shortly after I went to BFNE. I quite like his design, and hope to use it again sometime in the future.

I was kinda envisioning the Pridak foot as a sort of hood or something. I dunno.


He’s a Ko-Matoran, by the way.

Here is a “micro Matoran” that I just built.  Pretty easy to build, so you should be able to build one (if you want) by just looking at the picture.

Here is another Matoran MOC, from the same village as the other.  This one’s job is a blacksmith, making swords and other weapons of metal and protodemis.

It seems possible that this Matoran used to live in Mata Nui, possibly as the second Matoran pictured.

Here is a “prototype” Zamor Sphere Launcher.  The Matoran MOC I just posted built the Zamor Sphere launchers, and this is one of the early models.  Seeing that they are called “Zamor” Spheres, I suppose the Matoran’s name was Zamor.  Maybe.

To save you from the monotony  of my Bionicle Generations, here is a Matoran I made.

Update:  I believe this Matoran’s name is Zamor.

See post: Zamor Sphere Prototype for more information.

Another really cool Bionicle game is Matoran Escape.  It is a 2d (bird’s eye view) game, in which you are the 6 Matoran on Voya Nui.  You run away from then (later) fight the Piraka.  It is really fun.  I remember when Lego announced it in their magazine.  I was so exited.  Of course, you can get this at http://www.BOGAproject.weebly.com.