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Custom X-Wing MOC

Hey, look who isn’t dead! Yeah, it’s been… a while since I’ve posted here. I think I’ve had it somewhere on here before, but I actually run a fiction blog and post stuff on there fairly frequently. You can see it here. I also work on an audio drama thing, and you can find that here.

But anyway, onto the good stuff. I’ve been pretty busy with life in general for a while, and don’t really get that many opportunities to work on LEGO or Bionicle, but a while ago I made this.

I can’t quite remember what I had thought up for its backstory when I made it. I think it was something like a rogue group of Rebels broke off and started up their own more vigilante-like alliance and rebuilt or repainted the X-Wings to be black and red, or something like that.

But anyway, I think it came out pretty well. The wings have mechanisms so if you move one of the wings on one side it will move the other one as well, and the cockpit and spot for the droid both open up. I think the “nose” of the ship might be a little short, and I would’ve liked to put in more detail on that, but my room had been covered in a layer of LEGO for a while and I felt like I should finish it up so I could clean up.


I’ve had this sitting around for a while, because I wanted to do some more work on it before posting, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen so I’ll post it now.

While in a bit of a semi-sleeping state, I had the idea of how to build a completely rearrangeable LEGO structure.

Sections of the building can be removed and replaced with others very easily. I had intended to build the inside of the “rooms” as well, but unfortunately never got around to it.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty neat system.

Also, I’ll probably be posting another review of the upcoming new episodes of Journey to One once they come out, so keep an eye out for that.

Snowspeeder-esque Ship

Well, I finally got back around to building something, and this was the result:  

 In shape it’s fairly similar to a Snowspeeder, though this is more of a in-space ship than those are. I’m thinking of eventually building a docking port and stuff for it, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it.

The front and back are both able to open:

In other news, I’ve gotten a bunch of the new Bionicle sets, and I’ll hopefully post something about them (or the story) soon.

There’s a thread on BZPower right now about member’s self-MOCs. I posted a picture of Kopeke (obviously), then went on to describe ways I’d change him if I were to make a MOC of him. Those ideas made me want to actually do it.

So, I give you my upgraded Kopeke:

He has some major articulation, as you can see, especially rotation in the hips, which I’m not sure if I’ve seen before in a MOC. (It was actually somewhat accidental that that happened.)


This guy is a little over-the-top. Initially, I just built his weapon, then decided I should build someone to wield it.

 The launcher is a modified Kanoka disk launcher, changed so as to be able to launch it by pulling a chain (which, I thought, suited a Skakdi pretty well).

The actual guy’s build is really simple, as you can see, though I had a lot of fun making his head. Also, he’s able to detach the weapon from his hand and sling it onto his back.

I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted about this guy on here already; this is my attempt at making a CCBS-style McToran.

I would’ve liked to have used actual McToran feet, but I didn’t have a matching pair, so I had to make due.

He’s an engineer kind of guy, perhaps a friend of Nuparu. He’s armed with a screwdriver and a little chisel thing.


My friend (the same one who made the Demorahk and the grim reaper) suggested to make Tamaru into a Turaga.

This was the result. I tried to give him somewhat of a “crotchety-old-man” look, and envisioned him saying “You whippuhsnappuhs, get off my treehouse” to some little Matoran. 

I made this guy at the same time that my before-mentioned friend who build the MOC in the previous post made his.
Sorry. That sentence is a wreck.
Anyway, meet Makuta Nerinæ. He’s a good (well, semi-good, sort of like Krikka but a little more so) Makuta.
While being typically aligned with the side that is doing (seeming to him) relatively good things (he is against the ploy to take over the GSR), he is a brutal fighter who has multiple hidden techniques and such.
Basically, he’s “good” in some ways, and “evil” in others.
Originally, obviously, he was “neutral”, being in the Brotherhood of Makuta, but had his doubts about the revolt. When he saw first-hand a Makuta kill a Toa, he turned, though still remains a partial member of the Brotherhood, due to somewhat mysterious links he has with higher-ups in the organization.




This is a MOC that a friend (he’s the guy who built one of those Demorahks a few years back) made (I finalize-edited it, since he didn’t have time), which is the Grim Reaper:



It’s, frankly, an amazing MOC, and I have absolutely loved playing with it.
There’s more to come, by the way.

I made this guy shortly after I went to BFNE. I quite like his design, and hope to use it again sometime in the future.

I was kinda envisioning the Pridak foot as a sort of hood or something. I dunno.


He’s a Ko-Matoran, by the way.