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I’ll start with the bad news. As probably most of you have heard so far, LEGO announced that they would be discontinuing Bionicle G2 at the end of this year. It’s really a bummer, as I was looking forward to seeing where they’d take the story (and hoping they would), and I really enjoyed the sets.

So that sucks. But I can say that I, for one, am happy that it existed while it did. Sure, I had plenty of criticisms of it, and still do, but it was fun.


On to Journey to One. I just finished watching the new episodes, and I’m… happy with them, surprisingly enough. I tore into the first “season” pretty deep, but there isn’t nearly as much with the second.

I started the first review with what I liked of it, since that was the minority, but it’s actually reversed with this one, so I’ll start with what I didn’t like.

One-liners. There are less of them in the new episodes, but they’re still there, they’re still unnecessary, and they still suck. I don’t really get the point of one-liners. What are we watching, a superhero movie? (I almost universally hate superhero movies, especially those of Marvel.)

Voice acting is still meh. I almost think it’s a little bit better in S2, but it could just be that I got used to it. (Funny note; there’s a scene in the second episode of S2 where I’m pretty sure Onua said Lewa’s lines, Lewa is animated as though he’s speaking but it’s actually Onua doing so.)

I don’t think I mentioned the music in the first review. The music in both seasons isn’t very noticeable, which is a shame. It’s decent music, but just kind of blends into the rest of the sounds and all so you can’t make it out very well. Some of the music in S2 reminded me of Nathan Furst’s music in the movies, though, which was pretty cool.

That’s probably it for the specific stuff I didn’t like. I’ll probably mention some minor criticisms in the rest of the review, but that was the majority of it.

On to what I liked.

Story. The story got way better in S2. I’m not saying it’s amazing, but it’s pretty good and had me interested. At least it wasn’t like in S1, where it was obvious as to almost everything that was going to happen.

Dialogue writing. As I mentioned before with the one-liners, yeah, it has its problems, but it’s considerably better than in S1. I suppose that, to some degree, comes from the story being better; it needs to be expressed in some way.

Animation. It’s basically the same as it was in S1, but I still enjoy the blend of styles and think it fits pretty well.


S2 is a major step up from S1. I’m not saying it’s amazing or anything, but there’s a very noticeable difference, and I genuinely enjoyed the second episode at least. And that is what makes the news that Bionicle is ending so sad. There’s a lot of stuff hinted at in S2 that I won’t get into right now, that could’ve been expanded upon a bunch and turned into something pretty cool. We still don’t know what the purposes of the Time Temple and the Mask of Time are. There’s a lot of stuff they could’ve done, so it’s really a shame to see it end early.

A few other things about the show: A Toa of Light is mentioned, which I don’t remember hearing about before. It’s somewhat hinted at that it’s Ekimu, but he just dismisses it. (His armor does sure glow a lot for him to not be the Toa of Light though, and his associated creature is a hawk of light or something like that.)

Also, we see the Mask of Ultimate Power. It’s awesome. So is Makuta. I really hope they release a set version of him before they end Bionicle. His set looks awesome.

The writers also seem to absolutely love writing the phrase “realm of shadow”. I lost count of how many times it was said in the episodes.


New Videos!

Sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted, but there hasn’t been much (notable) Bionicle news, and I haven’t really built any MOCs or anything in a little while.

Anyway, LEGO has been updating the Bionicle.com website every once in a while, mostly just minor updates, but we now have some small pages about the skull spiders and Protectors, and larger pages for the Toa, which now have small (30 second) videos introducing them. We also have small pages for the different Wahi of Okoto, as well as a cool zoom-able map that is fun to look around on.

But the most notable thing is that they recently added three more videos to the site, which tell about how the Toa were summoned (Time Temple!), the Toa arrived, and the Toa began fighting the skull spiders.

There are also several more Mask of Time “easter eggs”, which, combined with the official mention of the Time Temple, could continue pointing towards the time-travel thing.

Check them out! I’ll [try to] keep you posted on further updates on the site, and other things pertaining to Bionicle.

Behold, Bdorax, Toa of Pneumatics! I build him for Brickfair as well, but….yeah, he didn’t really get there.

He is definitely my best Bionicle MOC yet. He is rather (very) complicated, and took an entire afternoon to build.



Bionicle Story

So, I have ENTIRELY renovated my story for bringing back Bionicle.  It is now quite a read.

Enjoy my many hours of work.  Why many hours?  Because I wrote it on paper (which takes a while), wrote it on the computer, the computer crashed and I lost it all (it was a Windows computer), and had to do it all again.

Oh, and ignore the MAJOR mistakes in it. (E.G. The Dark Hunters taking the Spirit Robot into itself (what?!?!)) I recently read a bunch of stuff about Bionicle on BS01, and understand the stuff at the end of Bionicle a lot better now. But my story here remains basically the same. I am currently in the process of editing it so that it is correct.

It is important to read the footnotes as you go!

In the time before time, before any islands were raised in Mata Nui’s dormant body, before any planets were in the universe, before Toa and Turaga alike, there were the Great Beings.  They had always been there, and always would be there.  And they looked upon some of their newest creations, the Staff1 of Division2, the Staff of Energy, and the Staff of Weather3.  Seprately these staves wielded great power, but when brought together by the Toa wearing the Kanohi Elras, the mask of energy, it would bring such power as had never been seen before.  An (at the time) unforseen problem was the fact that any being could use the staff4 once it was bound.  This was a disastrous mistake, though, not entirely a mistake.  Even in this pre-history evil lurked.  During the forging of the spears it, though not having a physical body, bent it just slightly to its will, just enough for it to create this weakness.  But having done this, its energy was sapped, and could do no more for many millenia.  But it would return.

But not tens of thousands of years have passed since then.  Mata Nui killed the makuta, or so he thought.  But there was peace.  After slaying Teridax and undoing the shattering, all the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran celebrated Mata Nui5 for many months.  But after that, not much was seen or heard of him6.  Makuta’s robotic shell sunk deep into the planet Spherus Magna.  But the shell still held a spark of Makuta’s life force.  And the shell was full of energy.  He could stay alive until someone would come get him7.  And someone would.

“My brother was fool to believe a rock would kill me.”

Yes, he would survive until someone came for him8.  And it was only a matter of time before someone did.  The Dark Hunters had heard of what had happened, and, knowing what a powerful ally Teridax could be, wanted him on theirs side.  They9 stole the Mask of Life from its place in the Great Temple.  They brought it to Sphereus Magna and used some of its power to bring the shell out of the planet.  The excessive strain this put on the planet, however, caused it to blow apart in the Second Shattering10.  They brought Teridax, barely alive, to their stronghold, and before the Shadowed One.  He used a combination of the power still bound-up in the suit, and energy from the Ignika to fan the spark of life into a flame.  And he did.  But it used up so much energy to do so that the shell shrunk considerably.  And to bring it into an at least somewhat usable state,  They had to patch it up with armor and body parts from fallen foes.  But he was alive again, and a side effect of the process was that the Mask of Life was now tainted by the evil it helped bring about.  Which also meant that Mata Nui was now corrupted as well.  The Toa weren’t aware of this, but there was an overall feeling of unrest.  The Toa tried to soothe this, and they did.  They assured the Matoran that nothing was wrong, that Mata Nui must have just found something to do on another planet.  They couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Makuta had regained most of his former energy, but kept hidden.  He double-crossed the Dark Hunters, and imprisoned the Shadowed One in his own dungeon.  Things kept going on in the islands and planets, but all was not well.  Makuta had again spread dis-ease, this time stronger.  The Toa couldn’t stop it, and several matora went insane, causing destruction and dischord.  The Toa hadn’t seen Mata Nui for a long time, and were concerned that something had, indeed happened to him.  At this time, as it had been in Makuta’s plan to happen, the Toa sent out a signal summoning a seven Toa team.  One of the Toa wore the Kanohi Elras.  He was the only one of the seven to make it at the time.  He searched all over the islands for the spears, and, having found them, bound them into the Great Spear.  But not sooner had he done that that Makuta captured him and stole the Great Spear11 from him.  And so begun the Days of Darkness.  When, after a month, Mata Nui returned, the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran were horrified to see him team up with Makuta, becoming his 2nd in command.  After a year of the Days of Darkness, the other six Toa arrived.  They freed the seventh Toa, and, in doing so, accidentally freed the Shadowed One as well.  He rallied most of the Dark Hunters to him again, and the Toa went together to fight the Makuta and cleanse the Mask of Life and free Mata Nui…


1.  Duh!  Spear and Spears, not Staff and Staves.

2.  Yes, the same one Vezon had.

3.  Whether or not, I ask myself.  Perhaps it should be light?  Or sound?  No, it should be knowledge.

4.  But there should be a staff.

5.  After killing Makuta, he laid down in that protodermis again, and went exploring around on the planets and islands in spirit or Toa-sized form.

6.  Oh yeah, he also gave them the Ignika, which they put in the Great Temple.

7.  BTW!  I didn’t say it, but the Toa Mata (or rather, Nuva) were now Turaga when this happened.

8.  Lol narrated by Turaga Tahu, not Vakama.

9.  This section would actually be very long, providing several sets (of the Dark Hunters and the Toa guarding the Ignika), several comics, etc.  I just didn’t feel like writing an in depth story about it.

10. So we can use the Bionicle Symbol again!

11. There really should be a staff.  Really.

The friends that originally introduced me to Bionicle (!) came to the area I live this summer and we created this Bionicle game.  Here are the rules, but view them more as guidelines (PoTC reference!).

Each Player gets 1 Titan, 2 Toa-sized Bionicles, and 2 smaller Bionicles (Bohrok count here!)

Play goes clockwise.

Titans: 7 Energy, 5 Defense

Toa:      5 Energy, 5 Defense

Small:  3 Energy


1 step equals 1 energy.

Defense:  Extra Defense is 1 energy.  E.G. 1 energy + 5 defense = 6 defense.

Mask powers can be summoned, and they use 4 energy.

Elemental Powers use 3 energy.

Characters with the ability to fly can fly by using 3 energy.  They can go as far as they like and can stay aloft while during other people’s turns.

You can use your energy on as many things as it allows.  E.G. 1 elemental attack (3 power/energy) and 2 regular attacks (2 power/energy).  For mask powers, use what is most fitting (E.G. Pakari gives you 6 extra energy (2 net), Olmak takes player attacked out of game for 3 rounds, etc.)


However much energy is used in an attack takes away that much defense of the player being attacked.


Play is different for 2 player games.  Matches are played best 2 out of 3, and strength of attack is determined by the roll of a die.  Hurting a player ends up taking a piece off him and lowering energy to 3.  Each player is allowed 3 free steps.


As I said, guidelines.  One battle against one of my friends is shown here:

It was only me and him.  I had a Toa and a Bohrok, but he only had a Toa.  I summoned the Olmak, sent him out to another dimension, round 1, I fired an attack where he had been.  Round two, my bohrok does, round 3, my Toa again.  In a split second I bring him back to this dimension and all 3 attacks hit him.

Yes, I was trying to end the game quickly, but you see what I mean.

The other day I made what I think is the best Bionicle MOC I have built.  He has articulated fingers (courtesy of Ballom on BZP), Titan-style legs, and is all-around epic.

Toa Kerop (not related to Kirop)




Not sure about this guy.  He has a shoulder-mounted gattling gun.



In an alternate universe, Keetongu might have been a Toa.  Who knows?  But if he was, then he would probably look like this.  And I made a special weapon for him, that kinda does the same thing as on regular Keetongu, but can detatch, and…..  Well, it’s awesome.

Toa Voya?

While downloading some Bionicle comics and putting them in their respective folders, I realized something:

Mata Nui — Toa Mata (then Nuva)

Metru Nui — Toa Metru

Voya Nui — Toa Inika (What?)

Mahri Nui — Toa Mahri

Shouldn’t the Toa Inika be called the Toa Voya?



OK, well, just wanted to let you all know that I just got Bionicle Adventures 1, 2, and 3.



(By the way, this post is a copy of another post of mine because I edited it into this post, so it wasn’t a new post, so I copied it so that you all could see it on the home page.)